• Image of Elk Spirit Animal

This is one print in a series explorating Spirit Animals.
Image Size 4" x 6"
Paper Size 8" x 10"
Edition Number: 20

All prints are from hand carved linoleum blocks, and printed on a Charles Brand Etching Press at Stone Trigger Press in Abiquiu, NM. They are printed onto Revere 100% cotton archival paper

One new print every Friday will be released.

The Elk's Gift according to shamanicjourney.com, includes stamina, strength, sensual passion, respecting those of your gender, ability to pace oneself in tasks, agility, nobility.

Possessing tremendous stamina, elks are able to run for a very long time. They are powerful with strong reflexes, responding speedily to anything that appears on their path. Elks are very alert and can sense danger the moment it arrives and can show us how to become more observant of subtle energies. Elks are temperamental and unpredictable, subdued one moment and aggressive the next.

Another aspect of elks power is strength and empowerment. If you need to be impressive in a situation, you can draw on elks power. If you are shy or unsure, elk can aid you to become more confident.